Chuck’s Story:

Dear Friend,

I’m quite embarrassed to tell you this story, but I believe so much in what my wife is doing .... AND know all too well the pain many network marketers feel, that I’m swallowing my pride to “tell” on myself.

Although I’ve always been supportive of my wife’s network marketing business, and have tried repeatedly to work with her, it’s been extremely difficult for me. No matter what, it just didn’t seem to “click” for me, and I could never put my finger on what was wrong. (I was also too proud to have my wife teach me what she knew. Instead I had to figure it out on my own ... you know, one of those “guy things”.)

Everyday my wife would get up, happy-go-lucky, talking to lots of people, no pressure, thoroughly enjoying the whole process, many new people joining her team every month ..... while I was having the struggle of my life. My phone conversations were strained, tense, uncomfortable, and downright difficult. I could barely ever “close a sale” no matter how hard I tried. And I tried for years! 

To add insult to injury, here I was married to “the coach”, the woman who spends her time teaching the rest of the world how to do this with ease! It’s been a very challenging time for me (to say the least), and I’m sure you can imagine why it’s so hard for me to admit ....

Ouch.... my ego!

When Mary Jo asked if I would proofread her new book before she released it to the public, I agreed. I figured it was probably the same “stuff” I’d heard for years, and the same “stuff” she’d been trying to tell me. 

I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to me personally through the pages of her book!

After reading it, I sat “stunned”. I finally got it! I finally saw the clear difference between how I’d been conducting business, and how my wife was. 

I finally realized how I made things difficult by trying so hard. I realized that my posture was terrible, and that people could probably sense that I wanted (or needed) them to join my business. Yuck ... I hate to even recall some of the conversations I had with people. On a scale of 1-10, my posture was probably a minus 5! Even though I said all the right words, I’m sure they could sense it.

When she asked me what I thought of the book, I began a several-hour explanation (till 3 am) of what I learned about how I’d been doing this business all wrong, how hard it had been for me, and how miserable I felt every day.

She was shocked to hear how I’d been feeling all these years. How something that came so easily for her ... something she sees as perfectly “natural” ... was so difficult for me. AND she was also thrilled that throughout the pages of the book I finally found the answer!

So, if your network marketing business has been “difficult” for you, I completely understand. You NEED to get a copy of this book and see if it does for you what it did for me. If it does even 25% of what it did for me, you’re going to have more success and enjoyment than you ever thought possible .... I’m sure of it!

Feeling very embarrassed, but glad to get it off my chest ...

Chuck Wehniainen
(The lucky husband who hasn’t had to go to work in over five years
thanks to the information you’ll read in this book!)